Monday, February 15, 2016

Predjamski Grad in Slovenia

Predjamski Grad (Predjama Castle)is a Renaissance castle built within a cave mouth in south-central Slovenia, in the historical region of Inner Carniola. It is located in the village of Predjama, approximately 9 kilometres from very famous Postojna Cave which you should not miss being in Slovenia.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Ptuj Castle, Slovenia

Ptuj Castle (Ptujski grad) is a castle in Ptuj, Slovenia. It is situated on a hill above the city and definitely is a one of major attractions in the city.

Red marble tombstone of Frederick IX, the last lord of Ptuj (died in 1438):

There is great Museum inside this Castle with original tapestries, painted wall canvases, portraits, weapons and furniture mostly left behind by the castle’s last owners, the Herbersteins (1873–1945):

Enjoy beautiful views of Ptuj and Drava River from this Castle:

Town of Ptuj in Slovenia

      Wonderful picturesque Ptuj is the oldest city in Slovenia. The history of this town goes back to the Stone age, than Celts during Iron Age, also very rich Roman period... so you will expect a lot of historical and interesting things to see. Short walk through this place will be a nice addition before visiting the major attraction, the Castle of Ptuj.