Sunday, January 31, 2016

Monastery of the Carthusian Monks in Slovenia

Another hidden gem of Slovenia

Through the valley of the Holy John the Baptist you can get to mysterious Charterhouse Žiče.
In this remote and narrow valley, the former owner of this estate, the Margrave of Styria Ottokar III, in around 1155, set out to establish a residence for monks from the Great Charterhouse in France. They arrived in 1160 and began building most of the buildings, first wooden and later completely solid construction structures. In the 15th century, the today’s Gastuž Inn was erected, which is one of the oldest still operating inns in Central Europe. Monastical life was halted in 1782 when Emperor Joseph II issued a decree to terminate Charterhouse Žiče. After 1827, the buildings began to decay, but in the last decade, life has once again been returning to Charterhouse Žice.